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Members of the Thomas Merton Society of Canada may borrow selections from our growing audio- videotape library on a 2-week loan basis, free of charge.

  • Please request your selection by telephoning or emailing the TMSC. You may choose three audiotapes and one videotape, or six audiotapes at one time.
  • Please provide your VISA number and expiry date when ordering audio-videotapes so we can process delivery. Postage will be charged to your VISA.
  • Members are responsible for lost, damaged or late return of audio and videotapes. The cost of a single audiotape is $20.00; the cost of a videotape is $75.00. If an audio or videotape is not returned within 30 days, the TMSC will bill you for replacement costs.


Audiotapes by Thomas Merton

These recordings of the daily lectures that Merton gave to the novices at Gethsemani are bread and butter Merton handing over the Catholic contemplative tradition to the young men preparing for the Trappist life. These tapes reveal Merton as a clear and patient teacher, clearly loved by his students. He is relaxed, at home, gentle with them and always good humoured. Amazingly, he seldom repeats himself.

After a few of these tapes, you will get to know as a delightful human being one of the real leaders of the spiritual renewal in North America. And you will like him. He displays remarkable breadth, finding contemplative insights in every human experience and expression: art, music, poetry, drama, literature, history, philosophy and current events.

Even though recorded as early as 1962, the tapes are clear and easily understood.

AA2067                      Cassian: Trials and Belief

AA2068                      Faith and Prayer

AA2069                      Cassian: Disposition for Prayer

AA2071                      Does God Hear Our Prayer?

AA2073                      Renunciation and Contemplation

AA2075                      Beauty is from God

AA2076                      Poetry and Imagination

AA2079                      The Bear

AA2080                      The Deluge

AA2081                      Introduction to Church Fathers

AA2082                      Clement of Alexandria/Origen

AA2083                      Monastic Spirituality/Citeaux

AA2084                      Monastic Spirituality, Part II

AA2085                      The Meaning of Monastic Spirituality

AA2099                      Solitude: Breaking the Heart

AA2100                      Solitude and Resurrection

AA2102                      The Vow of Poverty

AA2128                      The Virgin Mary

AA2129                      The Religious Meaning of Chastity

AA2133          `           Silence

AA2137                      Spiritual Direction

AA2228                      The Vow of Conversion

AA2229                      Conversion in Christ

AA2230                      Becoming Our True Self

AA2231                      Permanent Conversion to God

AA2232                      The Patience of Conversion

AA2233                      The Commitment to Conversion

AA2236                      St. Augustine

AA2263                      The Paradox of Joy and Sorrow

AA2264                      The Mystical Life

AA2267                      The True and False Self

AA2268                      The Irish Tradition of Mysticism

AA2367                      Mary: Light and Temple

AA2369                      Poetry of Revelation

AA2371                      Community and Transformation

AA2372                      Religious Principles of Greek Tragedy

AA2374                      The Religious Intuition

AA2455                      The Cross: Victory Over Death

AA2457                      Justice for all of Creation

AA2459                      Sanctity

AA2460                      Lyric Poetry

AA2461                      The Bangkok Conference

AA2800                      Patience

AA2801                      The Straight Way

AA2802                      The Coherent Life

AA2804                      Poetry and Religious Experience

AA2805                      Belonging to God

AA2808                      T. S. Eliot and Prayer

AA2904                      Surrender to God

AA2905                      Poetry and Scripture

AA2906                      The Fully Human Being

AA2907                      Love Is Enough

AA2908                      Poetry, The Angelic Realm

AA2911                      Awakening the Heart

AA2913                      Seeking and Finding God

AA2914                      The Door of Paradise

AA2915                      The Contemplative Call

AA3017                      The Desert God

AA3019                      Poverty and Religious Experience

AA3025                      Prayer and the Yoke of Christ Sufism: Longing for God

A2405                         Sufism: Knowledge of God

A2406                         Sufism: The Desire for God

A2810                         The Thirst for God

A2814                         True Freedom


Audiotapes about Merton

Tapes from the 8th Conference and General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, June 2003, Vancouver, British Columbia (4 cassettes)

  1. "Thomas Merton and the Non-Christian Contemplative Tradition" – James Finley.
  2. "Thomas Merton Shift: Critical and Transformative Spirituality" – Richard Rohr, OFM.
  3. "Merton and the East Roundtable" – Bonnie Thurston, Lucien Miller, Joe Raab, Roger Corless.
  4. "Springboard Address" – Douglas Burton-Christie.


A Retreat with Thomas Merton: Becoming Who We Are  (3 Cassettes: 4 hours)

Acting as narrator and retreat co-director, author Anthony T. Padovano shares selected aspects of Merton's life story, inviting us to get in touch with our own stories, our own spiritual journeys. The retreat is an invitation to meet God in the ordinary events of the day. Padovano traces Merton's biography but deals with it in terms of the values and vision it engendered for himself and others.

This book-on-tape is arranged for seven days. Listeners may find it helpful to listen according to their own schedule or that of a group. The inside cover suggests additional resources to continue the relationship with Merton.

Anthony T. Padovano, author and narrator, holds an S.T.D. in systematic theology from the Gregorian University in Rome and a Ph.D. in English language usage and literature from Fordham University. He has written 25 books, as well as articles and plays and has lectured extensively on my aspects of religion and spirituality, including Thomas Merton.


Heretic Blood: An Audio-biography of Thomas Merton (CBC Radio One – 3 Cassettes)

Narrator: Michael Higgins; Producer: Bernie Lucht; Readings: R. H. Thomson; Original music composed by Peter Togni.


Cottage Talks: Monastic Spirituality for Active Christians (8 Cassettes)

M. Basil Pennington

  1. The Monastic Dimension of Your Life
  2. A Place Apart
  3. Watching in the Night
  4. Be StillÉ
  5. Fasting: A Basic Life Attitude
  6. The Benedictine Method
  7. God's Masterpiece
  8. Working with God
  9. He Was Obedient
  10. I Call You Friends
  11. The Fullness of Joy
  12. The Way of Temptation
  13. A Gift of Peace
  14. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  15. The Servant of the Lord: Mother and Queen
  16. A Final Word


Videotapes about Thomas Merton

omen Who Knew Merton

December 10, 1968 – The Thomas Merton Foundation

Panel: Sr. Margaret Brennan, IHM, Sr. Myriam Dardenne, OCSO, Madelyn Meatyard, Tommie O'Callaghan, Sr. Mary Luke Tobins, SL.

Moderator: Christine Bochen.


The (Almost) Final Days of Thomas Merton: A Conversation With Harold Talbott

December 7, 2000 – The Thomas Merton Foundation

Moderated by Bonnie Thurston.


A Taste of Gethsemani: Trappist Monks Remember Merton

The Thomas Merton Foundation

Panel: Abbot John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO, Abbot James Conner, OCSO, Abbot Timothy Kelly, OCSO, Father Matthew Kelty, OCSO, Brother Paul Quenon, OCSO.


Trappist (56 minutes)

Trappist monks trace their history through 1,700 years of Western civilization. Monks have had a remarkable influence in our arts, education, science and technology. But their solitude, contemplation, and humility seem out of place in today's world. The reality of a monk's life as it is lived at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in South Carolina, combines with startling and beautiful images of the past to explore how a monk fits into our modern world in this unique and revealing documentary.


Merton: A Film Biography (57 minutes)

Produced and directed by Paul Wilkes/Audrey L. Glynn

This film provides the first comprehensive look at this remarkable 20th-century religious philosopher who wrote, in addition to his immensely popular autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain, over 60 books on some of the most pressing social issues of our time, some of which are excerpted here. This critically acclaimed film examines Merton's life and work through insightful interviews with those who knew him, including the Dalai Lama, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nicaragua's Minister of Culture Ernesto Cardenal, publisher Robert Girous, musician Joan Baez, monks he lived with and friends with whom he shared his deepest emotions.


Winter Rain: Six Images of Thomas Merton (55 minutes)

Written by Anthony Padovano; performed by Michael Moriarity

This one-actor play conveys the dynamic spirit of a Trappist monk who has been called one of the most significant and relevant spiritual writers of our day. Viewers will laugh and cry as they see the Merton of wit, humour, and passion. The struggle of this man gives everyone insight into the grace-filled moments of our lives.


Thomas Merton: Man, Monk, Myth (91 minutes)

A concert presented by Father Patrick W. Collins.


Gethsemani (60 minutes)

This new film by Morgan Atkinson explores life today at The Abbey of Gethsemani. It witnesses the beauty and serenity of Gethsemani while examining the struggles that go on behind the scenes. It is a fascinating look inside a rarely seen world.


Monk On the Run (CBC "Man Alive" Series)

This CBC tape provides a fascinating look at Thomas Merton by the CBC.


Robert Lax on Patmos

A look at Robert Lax – poet, hermit and lifelong friend of Thomas Merton.